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Study unit


Study Land Use Conflicts and Conflict Management in Finnish Lapland 
Scope 5,00 
Type of study Vapaasti valittavat 
Classification EE-Koulutusalakohtainen 
Responsible organisation Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and veterienary 
Competence objectives

The main goal of the course is to give students a thorough introduction of monitoring and management of conflicts arising with land and natural resource use.

a) lectures on conflict management and means of conflict management;

b) cases that are monitored by groups of students;

c) internationally mixed groups in order to benefit of each other’s backgrounds and experiences and

d) involvement of local managers and interest groups into the course.

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognize and describe conflicts of land and natural resource use
  • Apply different methods to monitor conflicts
  • Propose solutions and means to manage conflicts
  • Place conflicts into a more international perspective
Assessment criteria


Grading from A to F following the ECTS scale.

The final grade consists of the following partial grades: presentation of the cases and analyses at seminar 50%, final group report 50%.

Starting date 01.03.2017 
Ending date 31.07.2020