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Study unit


Study International Student Ambassador 
Scope 3,00 
Type of study Vapaasti valittavat 
Classification EE-Yhteinen 
Responsible organisation Lapland University of Applied Sciences 
Competence objectives

The student works as an international student ambassador to Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

After completing the course, the student is able to:

-Describe Finnish and northern culture, Lapland UAS and it’s international working environment as well as recognize the meaning of internationalization to a student as a part of his/her studies and future career.

-Promote the possibilities of internationalization and operate in different presentation situations.

-Work in constructive collaboration with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Assessment criteria
  • Participation in training, planning and activities

  • Reporting of activities and returning the report as instructed

You know how to introduce and promote the exchange possibilities of Lapland UAS to internal and external stakeholders using different channels.

You know how to guide international quests as well as introduce the host organization, town and the Lappish culture.

You know how to take into account the different views of the group members from different cultural backgrounds and work as a member of the group.

Starting date 01.08.2000 
Ending date 21.12.2112