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Study unit


ID 604M18AB 
Study Silviculture methods and practices 
Scope 3,00 
Type of study Vapaasti valittavat 
Classification EE-Koulutusohjelmakohtainen 
Responsible organisation Degree Programme in Forestry (Rovaniemi) 
Competence objectives

OBJECTIVE:     The course will focus on main principles and methods of Finnish silviculture. The main objective is to emphasize the present practical methods and practices of Finnish silviculture concerning forest regeneration (afforestation) and forest management.

CONTENT:       Forest regeneration and management principles and methods will be presented

                         including restrictions and recommendations according to Finnish forest legislation and

                          nature care requirements.              


ARRANGEMENT: Lessons and practice in forest. Lectures. Self-learning

EVALUATION: Written exam

Assessment criteria


Starting date 01.09.2014 
Ending date 31.12.2014