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GroupR51R15S/Degree Programme in Civil Engineering (Rovaniemi)
Study unitTELU136 Project of Heat Pump and Refigerating Techniques for Exchange Students, 15.00 ECTS credits, 400 h
Rakennusinsinöörin kansainvälistymisosaaminen
UnitRantavitikka (Jokiväylä 11) Rovaniemi
Time of implementationSpring1/2017-2018, Spring2/2017-2018
Responsible teacherKuisma Petri, Ryynänen Kai, Uutela Pekka
Other teachers
Status of implementationFinished

Description status Under modification
Language of instruction English
Starting and ending dates01.01.2018 - 15.06.2018
Minimum number of participants  
Maximum number of participants  
Enrolment period01.09.2017 - 31.05.2018
Implementation method
Virtuality 0 ECTS credits
R&D integration 0 ECTS credits
Resit dates of the exam
Koulutuksen aikataulu (www-linkki)
Description language English 

Project is available for all Engineering, Industrial engineering students.

The student can earn 5-15 ECTS.


Students take part into a real world projects in heat pump laboratory.

Project topics come from the Heat Pump and Refigerating Techniques. Testing based on the ground heat pumps with EN 14511 Standard of Heat pumps.

Student needs knowledge in the following fields:

Basics of Heat Transfer and Hydraulics, basic of heat pumps.

Time frame:

Project can be realized within 1 - 3 months (5-15 ECTS)

Assessment criteria


Pedagogical arrangements