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GroupK503S13S/Degree Programme in Electrical Engineering (Kemi)
Study unit3Y2308 English for Electrical Engineering 2, 3.00 ECTS credits, 80 h
English Language and Communication
UnitKosmos (Tietokatu 1) Kemi
Time of implementationSpring1/2014-2015, Spring2/2014-2015
Responsible teacherRuottu Martta
Other teachers
Status of implementationFinished

Description status Ready
Language of instruction English
Starting and ending dates01.01.2015 - 29.05.2015
Minimum number of participants  
Maximum number of participants  
Enrolment period01.09.2014 - 20.10.2014
Implementation method
Virtuality 0 ECTS credits
R&D integration 0 ECTS credits
Resit dates of the exam 26.10.2015 klo 16:30-19:30, 07.12.2015 klo 16:30-19:30
Koulutuksen aikataulu (www-linkki)
Description language English 


Assessment criteria

Scale 0-5. Assessment is based on CEFR. Excellent 5: the student can communicate very fluently orally and can write clear, versatile and well-structured text of demanding professional topics. Good 3: the student can communicate quite fluently orally and can write good and quite versatile and consistent text. Satisfactory 1: the student can write quite clear text and communicate quite understandably, he/she knows the basic vocabulary of his/her professional field.


Pedagogical arrangements