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RyhmäVAP19-20/Vapaasti valittavat opinnot, perustutkinnot
OpintojaksoLAVV11 Land Use Conflicts and Conflict Management in Finnish Lapland, 5.00 op, 133 h
Primarily for exchange students
ToteutusajankohtaSyksy1/2019-2020, Syksy2/2019-2020
Muut opettajatRantonen Janne-Perttu
Toteutuksen tilaMenossa

Kuvauksen tila Valmis
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Alkamis- ja päättymispvm01.08.2019 - 31.12.2019
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Ilmoittautumisaika15.04.2019 - 15.05.2019
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Osaamistavoitteet ja teemat

The main goal of the course is to give students a thorough introduction of monitoring and management of conflicts arising with land and natural resource use.

a) lectures on conflict management and means of conflict management;

b) cases that are monitored by groups of students;

c) internationally mixed groups in order to benefit of each other’s backgrounds and experiences and

d) involvement of local managers and interest groups into the course.

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognize and describe conflicts of land and natural resource use
  • Apply different methods to monitor conflicts
  • Propose solutions and means to manage conflicts
  • Place conflicts into a more international perspective



Grading from A to F following the ECTS scale.

The final grade consists of the following partial grades: presentation of the cases and analyses at seminar 50%, final group report 50%.

Pedagogiset järjestelyt

The course is intended mainly to forestry, agriculture and tourism students.


Prepare a short presentation of a land-use conflict taking place in your own country. The conflict can be ongoing or already ended conflict.

The presentation must hold at least following information:

- The case; what is the conflict about

- Stakeholders; groups or people that are involved in the conflict

- Interests; The goals which each stakeholder are trying to acheive

- Possible sollutions


Students choose a conflict and prepare a debate on the subject. During the debate each student represents a different stakeholder trying to push his/her views.


The Material will be handed out during the course


Conflict management tools

Conflict cases in Northern Finland


Pre-Work: 40%

Activity during the course: 10%

Debate: 50% (preparation, activity, views, conflict solution)

Scale: Fail - Excellent

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