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Group307D11/Degree Programme in Innovative Business Services (Rovaniemi)
Study unit307D2D Operating in Work Environment, 5.00 ECTS credits, 133 h
Orientating into Glocal Environments
Time of implementationAutumn1/2011-2012
Responsible teacherSvanberg Leena
Other teachersX Liiketalous
Status of implementationFinished

Description status Ready
Language of instruction English
Starting and ending dates01.09.2011 - 23.10.2011
Minimum number of participants  
Maximum number of participants  
Enrolment period31.08.2011 - 15.09.2011
Implementation method
Virtuality 0 ECTS credits
R&D integration 0 ECTS credits
Resit dates of the exam
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Description language English 

Learning outcome: 

Students are able to operate in multicultural working environment and understand their role as a member of that environment. They know the basic functions of an organization. Students can identify the basic issues influencing in organizational behavior and job performance. They understand the principles of group and team behavior. Students know how values and attitudes toward work can influence motivation. They learn to cope with the demands of the external environment into the working environment in the course context. Students are able to apply learnt theories into northern business environment.Students are able to identify the sector’s essential labour legislation, he/she knows his/her rights and obligations both as an employee and employer and are able to comprehend the main collective labour agreements that concern their own field and know how to apply them.

Assessment criteria  
Pedagogical arrangements

Lectures, case studies, group work and other learning exercises, individual studies  



Will be given in the beginning of the course. 



Operating in a work environment, organising work
              Common structures used by an organisation
              Network structures in the northern business environment and their effects on the work environment
              Issues affecting job performance; forces affecting working in groups and teams
              Analysing the motivational forces of an individual and in specific situations
              Phenomena typical of a diverse and multicultural workforce
              Application of theories in northern and peripheral business environments
              Essential Labour Law and employment contract issues
       Rights and obligations of the employee and the employer
        Main collective labour agreements in the sector

Part I "Work Environment" (with Eija Lange) 70%

Part II "Labour Law" (with Leena Svanberg) 30%


Grading scale:
Excellent (5) -….- Failed (0)
Self-assessment and instructor’s assessment