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RyhmäA12/Liiketalouden koulutusohjelma (Tornio)
Opintojakso1SKA125 International Selling and Business Behaviour, 5.00 op, 133 h
International Marketing Competence
VastuuopettajaOkuogume Anthony
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Kuvauksen tila Muokattavana
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Alkamis- ja päättymispvm01.01.2015 - 13.03.2015
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Ilmoittautumisaika01.09.2014 - 30.09.2014
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Tentin uusintapäivät 13.04.2015 klo 16:30-19:30, 11.05.2015 klo 16:30-19:30, 01.06.2015 klo 16:30-19:30, 31.08.2015 klo 16:30-19:30
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Learning objective

International Selling and Business behavior is an indispensable part of the international marketing management process. The course would provide a comprehensive insight to the international selling and business considerations that are a core part of the selling process such as the initial business and marketing considerations and how to meet the overall corporate objectives in a foreign market. Students would be able to design and implement sales program in a foreign market.

International selling and business behavior is divided into the following categories: (a) international strategy and marketing considerations, including the impacts of intercultural factors (b) consumer –to- business (B2C) and (c) Business-to-business (B2B) selling and (d) the implementation of sales strategy in a foreign market.

Pedagogiset järjestelyt

Learning Strategies: Lectures, discussion, case analysis, group works and presentation.

As part of the learning process concrete exercises would be used to a get real life experience of the international selling and decision process. Students would be given group project to simulate a typical international sales management situation. They would learn how develop sales plan and their implementation in a foreign market. The project includes a written report and presentation to the class.

Also guest speakers who are professional sales persons would be invited to share their experience with the students.

Group project work

In the group project work students will be given a task to work on. The task will be prepared as a case analyses and it is design to provide the students with practical real-life experience of international selling situations and decisions. The importance of this type of applied experience is vital in developing a wider understanding of the development and implementation of international sales strategies. In addressing the tasks students are to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts and their application in dealing with the issue(s) of the task. The value of the report lies in the integration of their findings into a simple and convincing set of propositions that can be implemented in a real-life international selling situation.

Workload 133hrs

  • contact sessions 48hrs
  • Group project work 50hrs
  • Consultation 3hrs
  • Self-study 32

Final Exam

Note: students must score a minimum of 20/60 points to pass the exam.

The exam will be held at the last session of the course. The date will be announced later

Retake exam: Is according to the re-take dates of the Unit for Business and Culture. See soleops.



  1. David Jobber, Geoffrey Lancaster (2011) Selling and Sales Management, 7th edition.
  2. Still, Cundiff, Govoni (2013) Sales Management, 5th edition, Pearson.
  3. Thull, Jeff (2010) Mastering the Complex Sale: How to Compete and Win When the Stakes are High! (2nd Edition), John Wiley & Sons.
  4. Christian Grönroos (1999): internationalization strategies for service. Journal of services marketing, vol. 13 No. 4/5, pp. 290-297.
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  6. Hollensen, S. (2007): Global Marketing. A Decision-Oriented Approach, 4th edition, Financial Times/Prentice Hall.

More Literatures will be introduced later

  • Relationship between sales and marketing
  • Starting the international sales process
  • Business considerations. International strategy
  • Marketing considerations. Need for marketing oriented sales approach
  • Global sales environment and its impact on sales strategy
  • Buyers types and buying behaviors
  • Business to consumer (B2C) Selling
  • Business to business (B2B) selling strategy
  • eB2B transactions and selling process
  • Development and implementation of a selling programme in a foreign market


  • Exam            60 points
  • Group project work         40 points

Grade: 0-5

 In English