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GroupK702D13S/Degree Programme in Nursing (Kemi)
Study unit52AN018 Health Promotion of the Elderly, 2.00 ECTS credits, 53 h
Health Care of the Elderly
UnitTerveysala (Meripuistokatu 26) Kemi
Time of implementationAutumn1/2015-2016
Responsible teacherTohmola Anniina
Other teachersArolaakso Sari
Status of implementationFinished

Description status Ready
Language of instruction English
Starting and ending dates01.08.2015 - 24.10.2015
Minimum number of participants  
Maximum number of participants  
Enrolment period15.04.2015 - 20.10.2015
Implementation method
Virtuality 0 ECTS credits
R&D integration 0 ECTS credits
Resit dates of the exam
Koulutuksen aikataulu (www-linkki)
Description language English 

The students respect old age as a natural stage of human life. They learn the concepts related to growing old. They carry out resource-based working method in promoting functional ability and rehabilitation of the elderly. They get to know the Memorial Training- method and are able to implement preventive house call.

Assessment criteria  
Pedagogical arrangements

Lectures, coopertive learning, pair work, independent assignments and prepared presentations


Fresh literature

Research material


Main concepts of ageing and age. Ageing policy. Effects of ageing on physical, cognitive, psychological health andsocial and functional ability of the Elderly. Evaluation methods of functional ability. Challenges in the health promotion of the Elderly. Health promotive working methods.

Individual assignment: Interview of an Elderly (Life story)


Attendance in the course 80%. Grading scale of the assignment "Life Story" 1-5.