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RyhmäVAP15-16/Vapaasti valittavat opinnot, perustutkinnot
OpintojaksoTELU15 SIC Snow Engineering, 6.00 op, 160 h
Teollisuuden ja luonnonvarojen osaamisalan vapaasti valittavat
Vapaasti valittavat opinnot
ToimipisteRantavitikka (Jokiväylä 11) Rovaniemi
ToteutusajankohtaSyksy1/2015-2016, Syksy2/2015-2016
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Toteutuksen tilaPäättynyt

Kuvauksen tila Muokattavana
Opetuskieli englanti
Alkamis- ja päättymispvm01.08.2015 - 31.12.2015
Osallistujia min.  
Osallistujia max.  
Ilmoittautumisaika15.04.2015 - 15.05.2015
Toteutustapa Vapaasti valittavat opinnot
Virtuaaliosuus 6 op
T&k-integraatio 3 op
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Osaamistavoitteet ja teemat

Course description: SIC – SNOW ENGINEERING will introduce students to snow and ice engineering over the world. Physical principles and practical data collection methods, analyses, designs, and snow and ice construction methods will be discussed. Students will gain a working knowledge of snow engineering problems and modern solutions as a basis for more detailed study.

Reading assignments: Daily reading of online materials is assigned as part of this course with [7] learning modules. The module consist of web slide presentations and pdf files for printing the narrative scripts and presentation slides. The module entries are located in Lapland UAS websites called Moodle learning platform. Student will get a link to websites at the beginning of instruction. There is no required textbook for the course.

Homework assignments: Homework assignments are submitted as digital quizzes. The quizzes may contain multiple answers (one or more right answers), multiple choices (one right answer), fill-in-the-blank answers, true/false etc. Multiple attempts are allowed for the homework quizzes; i.e. a student can take the quiz several times before the due date. Due dates for homework assignments are given in the Course Outline at the end of Syllabus.

Exams: The final exam follows the format introduced in the homework quizzes, except the fact that there is only one attempt allowed (unlike the multiple attempts allowed for homework).

Term paper: Term papers will be authored in groups. Instructions for the term paper will be e-mailed to each student. Term paper will be posted in “Term Paper” area of the web site.


Grading policy: The course grade will be based on the following formula: homework assignments and surveys 40%, term paper 30%, final exam 30%. Target letter grades will follow the scale: Excellent Grade 5, Good Grade 3-4, and Satisfactory Grade 1-2.

Outcomes: Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Evaluate the effects of snow and ice material on other materials and structures

  • Evaluate engineering properties of snow and ice structures

  • Understand snow and ice as construction materials

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