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Curriculum matrix

Degree Programme in International Business Management, Master's Degree (Tornio), T31DY19S (Published)

Annual themes and competence objectives

1st year (2019-2020) Theme 1: Changing Business Environment. Theme 2: Analyzing Business Models and Ecosystems.

Theme 1 aims at appraising and analyzing the influence of the changing business environment to be able to develop the student?s own leadership competences and to create and design service ecosystems and platforms. Theme 2 aims at developing innovation management skills and attitudes in business model design and implementation.

2nd year (2020-2021) Theme 3: Digital Transformation Strategies.

Degree programme's competence features
Study unitScope12345678
1st year (2019-2020) total58
T31DY60 Northern Business Environment5
T301DY42 Project Management5
T301DY51 Master´s Thesis8
T301DY41 Intercultural Interaction5
T31DY61 Business Research and Development Methods5
T31DY63 Customer Experience Management5
T31DY64 Business Model Innovations and Leadership10
T31DY65 Service Ecosystems and Platforms10
T301LDY43 Lean Start-Up and Innovation5
1Learning Competence4Innovation Competence7Business Model Innovation
2Ethical Competence5Internationalization Competence8Service Ecosystems and Platforms
3Working Community Competence6Digital Transformation of Companies