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Curriculum matrix

Degree Programme in Nursing, public health nurse (Kemi), K702T13S (Published)

Annual themes and competence objectives

1st year (2013-2014)

2nd year (2014-2015)

3rd year (2015-2016)

4th year (2016-2017)

Degree programme's competence features
Study unitScope
1st year (2013-2014) total61
52P001 Studying Skills and Professional Growth3
52P004 Finnish speech and written communication for Nursing2,5
52P011 Behavioural Sciences in Nursing3
52P009 Social Sciences in Nursing 3
52P010 Information Technology3
52A001 Nursing Science as Basis of Nursing3
52A002 Helping Methods in Nursing and Professional Ethics6
52A003 First Aid and Nursing in Case on Emergency2,5
52A000 Practical Training6
52A004 Pharmacotherapy, Medical Calculation and Pharmacology4,5
52A005HO Aseptics, Microbiology and Pathology4
52A006 Anatomy and Physiology3
52A007 Methods of Health Promotion an Nursing Pedagogy3
52A025 Nutrition and Health Promotion Exercise3
52A026 Cooperation and Teamwork/Multicultural Nursing1,5
52A010 Health Promotion of Children and Adolescents3
52A011AB Clinical Nursing of Chlidren and Adolescents and Pharmacotherapy2
52A012 Nursing of Women and Families2
52VV004,1 Medical Calculation1
51A105A Microbiology and pathology2
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