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Tunnus K702D19B 
Opinto First Aid and Nursing in Exceptional Situations 
Laajuus 3,00 
Opinnon tyyppi Ammattiopinnot 
Luokitus Koulutusohjelmakohtainen 
Vastuuorganisaatio Degree Programme in Nursing (Kemi) 
Osaamistavoitteet ja teemat

First Aid and Nursing in Exceptional Situations3 ECTS

Competence Goals:

The student learns the fundamental emergency first aid skills. S/he is able to assess the client’s need for immediate first aid. The student knows how to act and conduct first aid in multiple nursing and working environments. S/he can resuscitate and defibrillate within the limits of the professional jurisdiction of nurses. The student acts in exceptional situations as defined in the laws and instructions. S/he is able to make holistic care need assessments in various situations that require emergency care.

Alkamispäivä 01.08.2000 
Päättymispäivä 21.12.2112