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Tunnus R801Y2C 
Opinto Communicating with Expertise 
Laajuus 5,00 
Opinnon tyyppi Ammattiopinnot 
Aine Englanti 
Luokitus Koulutusohjelmakohtainen 
Vastuuorganisaatio Matkailuala, ylempi AMK (Rovaniemi) 
Osaamistavoitteet ja teemat

Learning outcomes:

The student improves his/her communications skills to better meet the requirements of the global working environment and network. According to the chosen area of specialisation, he/she is able to communicate efficiently when giving presentations, when using social media or in emergency situations. The student is capable of participating actively in discussions and giving presentations related to his/her professional field and enhances his/her communication skills also in this respect. The student can reflect his/her thoughts and ideas in an analytical manner. He/she implements a tailor-made development assignment/project of the chosen area of communication for the employer according to a specified plan.


  • Oral presentation skills
  • Social media and its tools in communication
  • Communicating in emergency situations
  • Presentations, discussions
  • Cultural aspects
  • Development assignment/project


Assessment criteria:

All the distance assignments, presentations and development assignment/project have to be passed.

Self-assessment, peer assessment, teacher’s assessment.

Alkamispäivä 28.08.2014 
Päättymispäivä 31.12.2025