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Tunnus K702DL33 
Opinto Guided Practice in Surgical Nursing 
Laajuus 10,00 
Opinnon tyyppi Harjoittelu 
Aine Englanti 
Luokitus Koulutusohjelmakohtainen 
Vastuuorganisaatio Degree Programme in Nursing (Kemi) 
Osaamistavoitteet ja teemat

Competence goals:

You can describe the treatment path of surgical patients of varying ages in a customer-oriented manner, with due consideration to family members and close friends. You can be present in the care process and proactive in interaction when supporting and guiding patients to examinations, operations and other procedures. You can provide comprehensive care and guidance for various surgical patients with a rehabilitating approach as part of the care team. You observe the principles of evidence-based nursing and aseptics in your activities in various operating environments in a manner that promotes the health and functional capacity of the patient and customer. You take part in the care process of a surgical patient, reflecting upon your competence in a multi-professional team in a collegial fashion. You can observe and assess the patient’s basic vital functions and take part in supporting these functions as part of the care team. You demonstrate independent and critical thinking and problem-solving capacity in oral and written reporting. You participate in guided medication and pain relief of a surgical patient. You observe the principles of patient safety and occupational safety in your activities.


The practical training to promote professional competence is evaluated on a simple scale of pass–fail (H–0)


  • The student observes the shared rules of the unit.
  • The students appropriately fills in the practical training documents and returns them.
  • The student hands in the requisite exercises in accordance with the agreed upon schedule.
  • The student participates in guidance discussions and assessments in accordance with the agreed upon practices.
  • The student’s activities at the unit are responsible and safety to patients.
  • The student prepares personal competence goals for the practical training and assesses their attainment.


  • The student does not observe the shared rules of the unit.
  • The student does not hand in the requisite exercises in accordance with the agreed upon schedule.
  • The student neglects guidance and assessment discussions.
  • The student does not perform nursing tasks in a responsible manner that is safe to patients.
  • The student is incapable of receiving guidance.
  • The student fails to achieve the goals set for the practical training.
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