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Tunnus K702DL34 
Opinto Guided Practice in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Nursing 
Laajuus 10,00 
Opinnon tyyppi Harjoittelu 
Aine Englanti 
Luokitus Koulutusohjelmakohtainen 
Vastuuorganisaatio Degree Programme in Nursing (Kemi) 
Osaamistavoitteet ja teemat

Competence goals:

You can identify and analyse elements of positive mental health in a person’s life story and the comprehensive promotion of health. You can explain the most essential mental health and substance abuse problems and describe the nursing principles and care recommendations pertaining to them as well as the service and care system in various operating environments from the perspective of the customer’s life management. You can assess the effects of mental health disorders and substance abuse on the well-being of an individual and his/her family. You are involved in team work in selecting and implementing various forms of care at an individual, family, group and community level, and you familiarise yourself with medication and other rehabilitation and treatment methods. You can engage in dialogue with the customers and those close to them in various operating environments, supporting the customers’ psychological recovery in a collegial manner. You are open to your own feelings and experiences that arise from patient contact and discuss them with the care team. You utilise occupational guidance and the support of the work community, peer review and feedback in professional development, analysing your own personal strengths and development targets in care work and the promotion of occupational well-being. You observe the principles of patient safety and occupational safety in your activities.



  • The student observes the shared rules of the unit.
  • The students appropriately fills in the practical training documents and returns them.
  • The student hands in the requisite exercises in accordance with the agreed upon schedule.
  • The student participates in guidance discussions and assessments in accordance with the agreed upon practices.
  • The student’s activities at the unit are responsible and safety to patients.
  • The student prepares personal competence goals for the practical training and assesses their attainment.


  • The student does not observe the shared rules of the unit.
  • The student does not hand in the requisite exercises in accordance with the agreed upon schedule.
  • The student neglects guidance and assessment discussions.
  • The student does not perform nursing tasks in a responsible manner that is safe to patients.
  • The student is incapable of receiving guidance.
  • The student fails to achieve the goals set for the practical training.
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