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Tunnus T301LDY43 
Opinto Lean Start-Up and Innovation 
Laajuus 5,00 
Opinnon tyyppi Vapaasti valittavat 
Luokitus Koulutusohjelmakohtainen 
Vastuuorganisaatio Vapaasti valittavat opinnot, ylempi (AMK) 
Osaamistavoitteet ja teemat

The objective of the course is to enhance the students’ ability to work in transnational and interdisciplinary teams.

The course content is relevant to students thinking about starting a business or who are already in business – large or small, those who are interested in commercializing their innovations. The second objective of the course is to provide students with an understanding of the nature of lean entrepreneurship and to introduce the role of the entrepreneur, innovation and technology.

Learning outcomes:

Students are able to develop a plan for implementing innovative business models in an international environment being responsible for the social, ethical and culture issues.

Students are able to work in a transnational and interdisciplinary team.

Students are able to discuss the attitudes, values and characteristics of an entrepreneurial mindset.

Students are able to discuss what is meant by innovation management and the role of the entrepreneur in the enterprise creation process.

Students are able to describe the ways in which entrepreneurs perceive add value, organize resources and manage risk.



Active participation in the workshops and online.

Alkamispäivä 28.08.2017 
Päättymispäivä 31.08.2025