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ID T301DY41 
Study Intercultural Interaction 
Scope 5,00 
Type of study Vapaasti valittavat 
Classification EE-Koulutusohjelmakohtainen 
Responsible organisation Degree Programme in International Business Management, Master's Degree (Tornio) 
Competence objectives

The objective of the course is to improve the participating talents' skills in communicating both verbally and in print, and to efficiently interact across varying business cultures. In order for professionals to accomplish tasks in hand within the competitive global economy, cross-cultural competence is a must for all experts due to the complexities of the international business environment.

Assessment criteria

satisfactory (1-2)

good (3-4)

excellent (5)

Student knows and understands the core issues involved in cross-cultural interactions and their applications in daily interactions.

Student has the sensitivity and competence to apply cross-cultural norms in professional interactions.

Student knows, understands fully cross-cultural peculiarities, and has appropriate competence in interacting professionally and otherwise in varying cross-cultural situations.

Starting date 09.04.2014 
Ending date 30.04.2024